Vagina itching on bottom of lips

Other symptoms of cancer include a lump or sore on the vulva, changes in the skin color, or a bump in the groin. I ich like crazy on the outer lips of my vulva vigina? Every doc telling me something different. There is no discharge or redness or swollen area or an odour. I have used reg nystatin and that does not help but the Triamcinolone combined helps alot. My washing machines thermostat recently stopped working and I usually put my pants, socks and towels on a 70degree wash and since that has stopped working this bout is the most severe I have ever had. My poor bf goes days maybe weeks dry because I haven't seen the dr to get my cream. Then take a large piece of cotton or two or three and make a compress and put it on your vulva--inside, outside, wherever you itch or have open sores.
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Vulval itching

I have small white bumps on the inside of my vagina lips. You have told me more than the last two doctors I have seen, which both gave a different diagnosis. Solutions to naturally treating itchy, bacteria and yeast. My vagina started to be itchy then it became really sore i then noticed slightly raised bumps appear around the lips of my vagina a few days later after itching so much the skin started flaking i dont no whether that was from itching it too often it has been very moist and i have had alot of discharge sometimes it is slightly pink in colour its so painful sometimes and it has a burning sensation and i am urinating more than i usually do. I would try lots of creams around the house but nothing worked. Regarding the cuts inside the vulva, I noticed that I would also get cracks in that area. I would highly recommend keeping that area trimmed as short as possible to avoid irritation and cracks. So I'm hoping that was the cause: It does have an oder
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Itchy Vagina Lips, Burning Vaginal Lips, Irritated Vagina Lips Causes

All the guy did was put his tip in my vagina I'm still a virgin so it really hurt. My arthritis is gone. I would try lots of creams around the house but nothing worked. Low estrogen levels during menopause or breast feeding lead to thinning of the vaginal skin, which also causes itching. If this occurs, an abscess can form. Also drink pau d'arco tea to rid fungus in the body. It hurts to walk and sit and do just about anything. I hope this can fade over time. Absolutely dying right now.
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Description:Thankfully now that i have read about the possible causes,i will go straight to my doctor again and im hoping that this time i will be cured for good. Sprayed some Bactine on the area presto more itch. Doctors often don't recognize it and many women have it for years before getting a diagnosis. I went back a week and half later, still with no resolution and the vulval area not improving at all - totally affected my relationship with my husband, my ability to concentrate at work, and my sleep Control your blood sugar with medications as well as with lifestyle modifications, exercise etc. When I woke in the morning there was no itching, but I still put it on. TRY washing with aloe vera anti bact soap in the shower, then as long as you can stand COLD rinse, Hairdryer on cold setting to dry completely, then apply Lanacane talc to all of genital and anal regions. I have seen the doctor. I'm to embaressed to tell my mum or go to the docters what can i do? If a doctor or nurse or gyno can diagnose you, they will then be able to treat you.

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